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I am an experienced DBS approved Music teacher offering a tailored service to Primary and Secondary schools.

Choosing the right teacher is important and I want you to feel confident with my services

My services have generated enthusiastic references from the Head Teacher at Holybrook Primary Special School and the Head of Music at Chiltern Edge Secondary School (available upon request).

If you would like to discuss any of the above. I would be happy to follow up in more detail.

I offer individual and grouped lessons (up to four students in one group) on guitar, bass and ukulele, piano, drums and singing. These can be private lessons or school funded.

I tend to be based in one school each week of the school term. I have found that this model makes the teaching sessions more reliable and enjoyable for both the school and the teacher and allows a more personable relationship to be built up.

In group lessons children are paired up in terms of ability, friendships and classes. In primary schools I aim to group students from the same class so that it is easier to retrieve students in case they forget their lesson time! 

Lessons and workshops are available and can be tailored to your needs. Lessons can take place during school hours or as part of an after-school club.

I offer:

  • Music theory short course
  • Music theory long course
  • Composition
  • Instruments of the orchestra
  • CPD for teachers
  • “Little crotchets and quavers” classes for Nursery and Year 1
  • Exploring Instruments
  • Exploring music through movement
  • Guitar Band
  • Ukulele Band
  • Music Technology
  • Music Production
  • World Music
  • Balkan Music
  • Musicology – a history of western music
  • Studies up to grade 8 on guitar and ukulele

If there is a topic that you are interested in or if there is a topic that isn’t on the list above, please get in contact.  

I structure my lessons to satisfy the learning requirement of students no matter their age or ability. Lessons can be for pleasure only and/or achieving grades. I have experience in primary, secondary, university and special schools.

Students learn most when they perform and so I take every opportunity to support school productions and assemblies.

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Based in Caversham, Reading