Nine Guitar Chords you must know – Beginner Guitar Lessons

A guitar chord is produced when several strings are played simultaneously.

Below we have a diagram of nine popular chords that every beginner guitarist must know. These chords are ubiquitous in contemporary music and have produced many of your favourite songs. If you have these chords under your fingers you will soon be able to play your favourite tunes.

The vertical lines represent the strings and the horizontal lines represent the frets. The letters above the box are the names of the chords. The black circles are where you place your fingers and the numbers at the bottom of the box refer to your which finger goes to that string. 1 is your index, 2 is your middle, 3 is your away or ring finger and 4 is your little or pinky finger. The cross above a string indicates that the string should not be played as part of that chord. The circle above a string indicates that the string should be played as part of that chord.

Have a go yourself and see if you can create a chord progression that you’re proud of.

Beginner guitar chords

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