5 easy songs for the beginner guitarist that you’ll know and love

In this blog we are going to be learning about tablature. Tablature, also referred to as Tab, is a form of musical notation where the fingering is indicated rather than the musical pitches. Tablature is common among fretted stringed instruments such as the Guitar, Lute and Ukulele.

A pro of tablature is that you can learn a piece of music very quickly, as it is simple to read and can be done without prior musical knowledge. The disadvantage of tablature is that it does not indicate the duration of the note being played, which means that you need to listen to the piece beforehand, otherwise the piece might sound odd and/or unrecognisable.

In summary, tab lets you play the correct pitches but risks playing incorrect rhythm. So, if you come across a piece before you haven’t heard before it is best to sought out the sheet music with musical notation. If you have heard the melody beforehand. Tab might be your best option to learn your favourite tunes as soon as possible.

Now that you know how to read tablature – Why not have a go at these five great well-known easy songs and impress your friends!

I Predict A Riot

Mission Impossible

The Simpsons

Sunshine Of Your Love

Seven Nation Army

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